This privacy notice discloses the privacy practices for  Simple weather & clock mobile application, published by
No personal data is collected in our app, unless you give your consent.

What data may be collected

  1. Location information: that allows us to periodically determine your location (eg. latitude, longtitude, accuracy, country), including your location relative to meteorological stations locations. On the first launch you are provided with an option to detect your location automatically. Location data is collected to enable automatic updating of information on widgets or notifications, even when the application is closed or not used. You can opt out and choose the desired location manually.
  2. List of installed applications: for the purpose of selecting your favorite clock and calendar application (necessary for clicking on the widget to open the appropriate app).
  3. Device and usage information hat may include information specific to your mobile device (e.g., make, model, operating system, language, locale, country, battery level, unique ID for advertisers, Google Ad ID and similar information); sensor diagnostic information;
  4. Network information: hat may include wireless network performance, network usage trends, network access points, SSID (network), BSSID (network), internal MAC address (network), radio cell information, carrier code, carrier name, Sim code, WiFi signals, Bluetooth name, Bluetooth Low Energy devices in your proximity.

We may collect this information even if you are not logged in to the foreground of application.

The data is collected on an anonymous basis.

We do NOT collect or share your personal information (such as name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.) that could be used to identify or track you as an individual in any way.

Use of data

We use the information to:

  1. Operate and improve our services

Data partners:

  1. Use the data for attribution (e.g., measuring performance), analytics and research purposes
  2. To evaluate and improve wireless networks
  3. Conduct cybersecurity research
  4. Analyze, aggregate consumer mobile trends
  5. Network marketing and advertising purposes
  6. Provide you with advertisements and information for products and services in this app or on other apps or websites based on variables such as your location, and assess your level of engagement with them

Where the data is shared

  • The application communicates with its (our) main home service at:, which, based on the information provided as above, provides weather data to the application.
  • After giving consent, the data may be transferred to our data partners. Below you will find out more about the purposes, ways of using data by them and their privacy policies.

Data partners

Huq Industries Ltd 
(, To help us improve our service we collect the following information on an anonymous basis: Operating System, BluetoothName, Carrier Code (Android only), Carrier Name, Sim Code, Charging Status, Device Model, Device Manufacturer, Country, Locale, Bundle ID, Date & time, SSID (network), BSSID (network), Latitude, Longitude, Accuracy (GPS), Scanned networks. In addition to helping us to measure the usage of our app this anonymous information is shared with third parties for their business purposes, including the creation of reports, market, scientific and statistical research and trend analysis. One of these third parties is Huq, data shared does not contain information from which users can be identified and we will not provide additional information to such third parties that enables such third parties to identify you. You can find a full description of Huq and what it does with the information collected via our app here:

Cumberland Solutions S.L. 
(Weplan Analytics) is a crowdsourcing mobile data and analytics company focused on the telecommunications industry. Weplan Analytics collaborates with mobile operators, TowerCos and Telecommunications Regulatory Agencies in order to improve their network coverage through Business Intelligence Reports and Network Quality of Experience Dashboards.
Using this app and permitting Weplan Analytics to measure network performance linked with location data (from GPS or network-based location) in a pseudonymized manner, may help improve the performance of the networks you use. Weplan Analytics combines data collected from millions of devices, fully anonymizing data before providing their customers with network performance maps.
Weplan Analytics doesn't collect sensitive personal information like name, phone number or email, nor personal identifiers like Mobile Advertising ID, IMEI, IMSI or ICCID to ensure data is not attributed to particular and identifiable consumers.
To read more about what data is collected by Weplan Analytics and its privacy policy, please follow the link

Justtag sp. z o.o.
Justtag is a company focused on mobile and website data, POI data, market research and analysis, and corresponding services. Justtag may collect and process data including: user's advertising ID, information about WiFi networks within the range of the user of the application, signal strength and time of appearance within the range of a given network, as well as information about the device model, operating system, set language and time zone. The basis for data processing is Article 6(1)(a) of GDPR, i.e. the consent of the data subject to marketing activities concerning Justtag products and services and third parties (including analysis and profiling of the data for marketing purposes), The data will be subject to profiling and automated decision-making process in marketing activities. You can learn more in Justtag’s Privacy Charter. You have the right to opt-out of information and data sharing with Justtag. To do so, please utilize the opt-out measures provided in your mobile application.

Monedata Ltd
(, 128 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom,
This app uses third-party addons that collect varied data, which may include device identifiers, location, mobile network coverage and performance, installed apps list and usage stats. With the user's consent, this data will be collected and shared with those third-parties for analysis and measurement purposes. The user can change his mind at any time by changing the consent. To learn more about the data collected and see the list of partners, please visit Monedata’s Partners section.

Service providers

Google Play: Privacy policies:

Google Firebase Analytics: By using this app you agree to the following privacy policy:

AppLovin: We work with AppLovin to deliver ads in our mobile application. For more information about AppLovin’s collection and use of your information visit:

Your age

We do not intentionally collect information from persons under 13 years of age.
By accepting this policy, the user declares that he is at least 13 years old. If he is 13-16, he declares that his parents (or legal guardian) have agreed for him to install the application and accept its privacy policy.

Your Choices / Opt-out

By default, the app does not share any data with any partners. For this to happen, you must consciously give your consent. You can withdraw your consent to data sharing at any time by visiting the app's Settings.

You can refuse to allow your location to be shared by denying the location permission. Or withdrawing it in the application's permission settings on the device.

You may also opt out of the service by resetting your Advertising ID.
To reset your Advertising ID or Opt Out on your Android Device:
Re-set Advertising ID: Settings → Google Settings → Ads → Reset Advertising ID
Opt Out: Settings → Google Settings → Ads → Opt out of interest-based ads
To opt-out of the use of your mobile device ID for targeted advertising, please see

If you have questions or concerns about this privacy policy, please contact us immediately by sending an email to