Simple, pure weather & clock widget. Without ads.
You can change your widgets background color and transparency.
2 000 000 +  Downloads  in Google Play



- New: app themes support (Black theme added)
- The number of saved locations has been increased
- New: app icon (Oreo + Pie)


- New: temperature chart
- New: statusbar weather
- New: middle weather widget
- New: share widget as image
- Main screen changes (+navigation drawer, +alarm clock)
- Clicking on the location name switches to the next one (if any)
- Recommendations
- Turkish language (thanks Burhan!)
- Dutch language (thanks Marzullad!)
- Hungarian language (thanks Peter/Grecky!)
- Greek language (thanks Vangelis!)
- Portuguese language (thanks Gonçalo!)
- Romanian language (thanks Andrei!)
- Georgian language (thanks David!)
- Luxembourgish language (thanks Michel!)
- Slovak language (thanks Juraj!)
- Czech language (thanks Jan! thanks Martin!)
- Korean language (thanks Jackson!)
- Bulgarian language (thanks Malin!)
- Location detection improvement (Bluetooth permission)
- Wind direction fix
- Temaperature unit is not °K it is just K
- Bugfixes


- Vertical widget
- Manual location (by search + by map)
- Spanish translation (thank you VR!)
- Chinese traditional translation (thank you Whale!)
- Russian translation (thank you Jurijs!)
- Italian translation (thank you Davide!)
- Pressure unit setting
- Calendar on day/date tap + calenar app setting
- New auto-sync frequencies: 30 min, 15 min
- New settings option: Agressive clock refresh (for delayed widget clock)
- Frequency of automatic location checking has been increased
- Swipe to refresh in app
- Push notification support
- Battery optimization notification
- MET Norway data internal adjustments
- Share option
- Widget refresh & appearance bugfixes
- Pre-Kitkat crash fix
- Milions of small bugs fixed ;-)


- Android Oreo compatibility update
- French translation (thank you Cédric!)
- Chinese translation (thank you Whale!)
- PT-BR translation (thank you Augusto!)
- Better location and data refresh algorithm
- New: small widget: weather only
- App icon changed
- Biggest widget: can apply a smaller size, additional refresh/meteo time added
- Icons-cut bugfix
- Milions of small bugs fixed ;-)


- New: another simple widget (justify)
- Settings: widget font color (if you want different than white)


- New: summary notification
- New: additional notification type (rain, snow, unusual conditions)
- Settings: you can choose your own clock app (opening after clicking on the clock on the widget)
- Unknown location info
- Donate option ;)
- Encrypted connection / HTTPS
- Bugfix: 12/24 time format
- Android 4.0-4.4: settings screen - crash fix


- New: Third, smaller widget
- 12/24 am/pm time format based on device settings
- Geolocation auto-update bugfix
- "Minus zero"
- Widget refresh button
- Some visual in-app fixes
- Bug fixes from Play store feedback
- Transparent background as default (for new installations) (can be changed in settings)


- New: smaller widget
- Bugfixes


- First release
- Big widget